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    Yale School of Medicine Transfer Admissions

    PLEASE NOTE:  There are no available transfer positions for January 2023.  Please check back again in April 2023 for availability of transfer positions for January 2024.

    Because of a limited number of available positions, Yale School of Medicine (YSM) will consider transfer applications only if there are positions available at YSM. Transfer applicants will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee, with decisions based on academic credentials, supporting materials, interviews and the basis of the request to transfer.

    Transfers will only be accepted into the clerkship period starting in January of the second year and will be contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the pre-clerkship curriculum of the school from which an applicant requests a transfer, the availability of positions in the class at Yale School of Medicine and the capacity of clinical clerkships to accommodate additional students.

    The number of available positions in the second year class will be determined annually by the Deputy Dean for Education in the late spring of the year preceding the anticipated transfer. The Deputy Dean for Education is also responsible for ensuring both that there are available positions in the clinical clerkships and that resources are adequate to support the available number of  transfer positions. Regardless of eligibility factors and qualifications, transfer into the second year class is contingent upon review of the comparability of the pre-clerkship curriculum of the school from which the student requests a transfer as reviewed by the Associate Dean for the Curriculum. This review will include comparability of the curriculum structure, program objectives, course objectives and assessments at the student’s current institution.

    The transfer application period begins in early June. 

    If you are interested in transferring to Yale School of Medicine, please submit the form below.  If there are any available positions, we will send you the transfer application form in early June.
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